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Refrigerant Monitor SLE-1001

FirstWatch is a patented sight glass monitor which acts as a 24/7 service technician.  This optical device is an eye that never blinks. Like the sight glass itself, FirstWatch is economical and easy to install.  This non-invasive device is accurate in reporting both excess moisture and flash gas when used with Sporlan® See-All sight glass.

· 0-5 VDC Flash GAS detection output

· 0-5 VDC Moisture detection output

· Local LED indication of both states

· Tie into your EMS just like a sensor

· Use with BarixNET for web alarms

The Situation:

Every refrigeration system should have a means for checking moisture and sufficient refrigerant charge.  The device most commonly used for checking these two critical variables is the liquid line sight glass, an economical and easy means of indicating when to replace the refrigerant dryer cartridge and when to recharge.  Lowered efficiency and catastrophic compressor damage are two consequences of low charge and excessive moisture in the refrigerant system.


The Problem:

The moisture and liquid sight glass requires visual examination.  Consequently, it can only be useful if it is consistently checked.  In today’s hectic business environment, however, service techs don’t always have this luxury


The Solution:

The FirstWatch continuously monitors the sight glass for indication and alarm of both moisture and low charge.  Using FirstWatch protects your assets, saving you money.

FirstWatch can tie into any building automation system or monitoring system.  When used with the BarioNET Ethernet controller, a low-cost standalone web-based refrigerant monitoring system can be deployed.

The FirstWatch Sight Glass Monitor with two status LED lights for indication of excess moisture and flash gas.


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