Text Box: Text Box: ISONAS IP-PoE Card Access Reader Controller

Cost effective for one door access control or installations up to hundreds of doors

Built-In Power over Ethernet for simple installation and power for reader and lock

Eliminates control panels and labor with one piece, compact unit

Use your existing data network and enable the controllers through any PC/Server on the network

Can also operate as standalone intelligent controllers

· No More Re-Keying Of Locks Due To Personnel Turnover

· BACnet/IP interface into Building Automation System Workstation

· OPC Server for SCADA integration for industrial and process control

· Use Card To Initiate Lighting, HVAC Overrides With Positive Identity

· Data and Network Closet Access Control

· Secure Retail Store Delivery and Rear Doors

· Tenant Billing Programs for Off-Hours Utility Use

· Verify On-Site Presence of Service Provider Personnel; Time and Date Reporting

· Time and Attendance Reporting Function

· Use As Inputs To Energy Management System 




Crystal Matrix EN software is used with the ISONAS TCP/IP reader controller. Crystal Matrix EN connects and communicates directly with an unlimited number of ISONAS card access readers through any networking environment that uses TCP/IP protocol.  Crystal Matrix EN is “enterprise-wide” software that allows operation of the access control system over your secure intranet or the internet.  This flexibility allows you to network unlimited readers across numerous sites using the existing IP communication network.


· Operates on Windows OS

· Supports unlimited # of readers in real time

· Remote enrollment feature for new card holders

· Supports Emergency Lockdown programs

· Customized interfacing with common databases



BACnet/IP Gateway and OPC Server now available for integrating ISONAS IP Access Controls into leading Building Automation Systems!



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Text Box:                        Quantuum Energy Products

Smarter, Safer Buildings



September 10, 2007


Quantuum EP now offers NVR and DVR-based video surveillance solutions integrated with ISONAS that are scalable and cost-effective for any sized system.  Integration means :


· Search for video records based upon ISONAS events, door names, & badge ID’s.


· Admit, unlock, lock, and lockdown doors from live video feeds


· Trigger recording based upon ISONAS events and send an email with a snapshot attached







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We stock and support many brands of electrified locking hardware and access control accessories and provide a complete bill of materials for security projects. Send us pictures of your doors and we will build an ISONAS system for you.

Reader controllers connect directly onto your network, eliminating costly controller panels