IP-based card access control, Sensors for Vape and Chemical Detection, Biometric Readers and Controllers, and Walk-Through Metal Detectors and X-Ray Machines.

Product List

IPVideo Corp Halo and ViewScan

Halo has IOT Smart Sensor Technology in a real-time security and vape detection device.  ViewScan is a technologically advanced passive walk-through Concealed Weapons Detection System.

Halo Vape Sensor and  ViewScan Concealed Weapons Detection System

ISONAS PureIP/Pure Access

IP Card Readers connect directly to the network, using PoE technology. Cost-effectively manage one or hundreds of doors using browser-based PureAccess Cloud or on-site PureAccess Manager.

We are a Certified ISONAS Reseller.

ISONAS PureIP Card Access Controller and PureAccess Software

ZKTecoUSA Biometric Security and Portable Walk-Through Metal Detectors

ZKTecoUSA Security Products

Proven Fingerprint, Finger Vein, Palm, and Facial Recognition technology embedded in readers and controllers.  Unique portable walk-through metal detectors for flexible security screening. Integrated visitor management and video management. New Atlas embedded web-server control panel.

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