About Us

Customized to your needs …. and totally network friendly.

We provide cost-effective security, energy, and facility management solutions to fit your needs.  No overkill. No wasted capacity.

We specialize in web-enabling building systems into powerful facility management tools. In this respect, no building is too small to realize the benefits of remote management and control.

We realize that the networking and IT field is dynamic and continuously expanding into all facets of facility management. Our solutions parlay this investment in networking infrastructure and provide substantial ROI and cost savings by eliminating the traditional equipment and installation costs associated with it.


Our criteria are the same as yours:

· “Cost Effective“

· “Utilize my existing investment in our network”

· “Easy to Install, Easy to Use, Easy to Maintain”

· “Network Friendly, Native-IP Network Appliances”

· “Let me manage everything from one location”

· “Save Energy, Diagnose Equipment Problems”

· “Provide Useful Information, Not Just Data”

· ”Send My Alarms To Email, Pagers, Cell Phones”


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