Enterprise Software

Aggregate information from a large number of buildings into a central database and management structure.

Powerful web-based enterprise reporting, alarm handling, and central control capabilities.

Energy, Alarms, Maintenance Reports, Equipment Testing, Scheduling and HVAC Setpoints and Schedules


· Integration of control through Internet/WAN/LAN/Phone/Radio/Satellite

· Scales from managing one to thousands of remote sites without intermediate consolidation servers.

· Real-time monitoring, trending, alarm management via web browser

· Remote supervisory control, scheduling, testing on a global basis

· Automatically test compressors and heating equipment with CompressAlert® and HeatCheck®

· Filter, sort, archive alarms and data

· Route alarms directly to service provider

Quantuum Enterprise Software (QES) is a Windows application that resides on one or more servers on an end user’s or service provider’s enterprise network.  QES seamlessly connects to network appliances installed at each store or facility to deliver a highly integrated facility information and control solution.


The security features of QES are easily adapted to the requirements of the enterprise. The information and features available are controlled by a flexible and easy to maintain authorization system comprised of groups and users.  User operations can be selectively logged to create an audit trail.


QES software is modular, scalable, and easily configured to serve unique user and enterprise IT requirements.

Compare energy usage across stores, regions or the entire chain.  Identify stores out of range with standards.


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